The English word retreat comes from the Latin retractus which means to withdraw. This is exactly what we do on our retreats – we withdraw from the superficialities of life and enter deeper inner states. For most people, the inner journey is an adventure that remains largely unexplored, while it is exactly this part of ourselves that holds many answers to questions that appear through our lives.

Too often we are trapped by the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we lose touch with the deeper part of ourselves. Exploring our own unfamiliar territories strengthens the relationships with ourselves and allows us to fulfil our potential.

The advantages of this type of self-work are numerous. In addition to relaxing, resting, healing and reconnecting with ourselves, the opportunity to explore our inner lives allows us to move away from everyday life, observe the circumstances in which we live and notice the direction in which we are headed. As a result, we are more willing to steer our lives in the direction that suits us better with much more clarity and become a part of this world as integrated human beings who can make a real difference.

Our retreats create a space for a personal restart – a new beginning, return to our very beings, beautifully described by the Spanish word estar. But there will also be enough time to rest and stop, thus allowing the creation of art – from rest we journey towards art.

Retreats take place on the magical island of Prvić and the nearby uninhabited island of Lupac. Each retreat is designed to provide the best possible understanding of oneself through experiential work in form of various exercises for which participants receive guidance and tools. We use methods from body-oriented psychotherapy and expressive art therapy, with an important element of being surrounded with nature and connecting with it. The best way to stay informed about the current offer is to sign up for the newsletter.

Centar Restart

The Restart Center is a place of work on the personal development of adults through the methods of body-oriented psychotherapy and expressive art therapy.

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