Workshops are intended for everyone who's interested in deeper research of a certain topic through theoretic and empiric investigation. Each workshop is carefully designed to enable research and understanding of our own needs, desires, emotions, habits and everything that makes us who we are. Participation does not require neither previous experience nor the obligation to attend the following workshops since each of them constitutes a separate unit dealing with a particular topic. The structure of this kind of group work includes elements of body-oriented and art therapy practice, while the emphasis is put on one or the other depending on the workshop topic. Each workshop aims at better understanding of a certain topic through empiric work in form of different exercises, with the guidance and the required tools provided for each participant. 

Depending on the topic and the depth of the research, workshops can last for one or more days and are not in continuation but rather occasional programs announced on the website. The best way to stay informed about the current offer is to apply for the newsletter.

Centar Restart

The Restart Center is a place of work on the personal development of adults through the methods of body-oriented psychotherapy and expressive art therapy.

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