Ekspresivna art terapija

Creativity and introspection overlap, for creativity is often healing. Expressive arts therapy uses different types of artistic expression including visual arts, sculpting, music and voice, dance and movement, acting and theatre, writing and storytelling, in other words, any media that can serve to express an individual's inner state, often interwoven with one another. Most people already use certain elements of artistic expression in their everyday life such as keeping a diary, drawing on paper during conversation, singing in the shower or in the car, dream interpretation, artistic hobbies such as painting or spontaneous dancing to rhythmic music. These simple examples of expression through movement, voice, writing and creating, have a calming effect because they help us release accumulated feelings and clear our minds. The healing part is the process itself, not the creation of a perfect work of art, writing style analysis or harmonious singing.

Expressive arts therapy does not require artistic talent nor the experience in this regard, rather, it is based on the assumption that anyone can make or perform a meaningful work of art because it tells a story of its creator, who is most familiar with it, and who can, with the guidance and the reflection of a therapist, provide a meaning to it and delve into its essence. This helps us discover our own resources and abilities. Verbalization is a very important part of the therapy, though not crucial, because our inner state, influenced by different life situations, cannot be completely expressed and understood through logical reasoning. Nonverbal expression through colour, form and symbols provides deeper insights and becomes a client’s new language.

Centar Restart

The Restart Center is a place of work on the personal development of adults through the methods of body-oriented psychotherapy and expressive art therapy.

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